Муша-Буша в собствен сос, добро и зло, в здраве и болест, в dial-up и оптичен интернет, в и извън времето, внапредвид и деЦки от НОЙ

Ако еволюцията на човека беше приключила, майките нямаше да са само с две ръце.

Out’n’Proud muffmuncher!

I’m starting my bi-lingual blogging, though it will be only in English for some time (especially for the 3Ls – Lisette, Louise, Linda).

On my way to emancipation and enjoying being out&proud lesbian, my daily agenda includes:

1. Have busy Out&Proud day

2. Be cheerful! (Of just cheer with beer?)

3. Have retarded dinner to discuss Bulgarian typicality (I have devoted a whole post on some of them, soon in English)

4. Humiliate yourself with the most stupid sms you could think of

5. Discover Lizzy the Lezzy and dye laughing


One comment on “Out’n’Proud muffmuncher!

  1. longanlon
    ноември 26, 2008

    ахахахаха песничките къртят


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