Муша-Буша в собствен сос, добро и зло, в здраве и болест, в dial-up и оптичен интернет, в и извън времето, внапредвид и деЦки от НОЙ

Ако еволюцията на човека беше приключила, майките нямаше да са само с две ръце.

My type of Saturday

Once upon a time Saturday was my day. No worries on Saturday, no waking up agenda, no alarms, no plans, just easy-busy Saturday. That was part of the family deal when I met my two exes. Ironically, both of them with the same name, both of them ex, both of them (and me) happy today, luckily. The deal was either you take me with my Saturday schedule or not at all.

My lovely Saturday was spent in bed, with breakfast in bed, watching some movies or reading a book, having sex or just daydreaming. My type of Saturday. In the afternoon I would get up, take a looooong shower, take all the time in the world to shave everywhere (not like during the week when you’re not sure are you shaving or is it an attempt to suicide) and put mask on my hair, will just stay in the shower with the hot water pouring on my skin and would just listen to the sound of the water. Then I would go out of the shower, will sit on the coach next to the window and will just look at the sky, will play some chill music and will take all the time in the world to put vanilla body lotion all over my body, but slowly, no rush, just enjoying the feeling of the cold lotion on my soft and warm skin. I would smoke a cigarette, slowly again, inhaling each time like it’s the last time. I will make myself a cup of cappuccino, will bake the coffee first for few minutes, to get the smell stronger, then will add hot foamy milk and brown sugar. Again, I would just sit in my cozy coach, nestled in my fluffy bathrobe and will watch the sky, relaxing and allowing the time to flow in me. Then my girl would come and undress me and we will make the most sensual, breath-taking, passionate and unforgettable sex ever made by two human beings. We will silently stare at the sunset and will just communicate with no words. The most content and meaningful conversation two souls could have. Later on we would go out for a dinner at some cozy quiet restaurant and I would eat sushi for first time.  We would drink amazing Beaujolais and I will read her mind through her eyes over the candles. She will hold my hand under the table and I will blush, trying to hide how aroused I am just by one her touch. I will tell her all just with one sigh and one look. We’ll pay the bill rushing and will laugh at the surprised face of the waiter for no waiting for the change on our way out to the taxi. She will ask the driver to turn down his back-side mirror on the way home.

I will pick up the most fancy, expensive and extravagant dress I have in my wardrobe and will forget to put my underwear. Then I will take all the time in the world to put some make up and perfume. She will look at me, sigh, and tell me I am her world tonight.

And then we’ll just go out to that club, where I can just forget everything, where I could just fall in love with the music and the vibes. This magical world where everything is possible and even if it’s just that night, it’s your fairytale. I would meet my few good friends there and one of them will hug me and kiss me and I would know that in a parallel universe, in another life we would have been meant for each other. But not tonight, not in this life, not in this universe. I would just smile and say something funny, with a bit of regret and sadness.

I would go out on the street and would just sit on the bench, looking at the sunrise and daydreaming of a better life, of silver moons and golden sunrises, of eyes I would just get drowned in and a soul that would complement me, will match me like rack-wheel. Maybe next Saturday…in another life…on an island…where the sky is unbelievably blue and the sun is a melting gold…Maybe any Saturday…


P.S. Exsqueeze my Benglish.


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