Муша-Буша в собствен сос, добро и зло, в здраве и болест, в dial-up и оптичен интернет, в и извън времето, внапредвид и деЦки от НОЙ

Ако еволюцията на човека беше приключила, майките нямаше да са само с две ръце.

Binary or just fun?

In the light of intersex, transgender, queer and transsex discussions on the ILGA-Europe’s annual conference in Malta, here is a sketch about how the man and woman’s brains function (via http://spanak.org/2009/11/07/mazhkiyat-i-zhenskiyat-mozak/). While you could actually enjoy it, just ignoring your inner protesting voice, still it makes me wonder – how much of this is actually true, despite of the political correctness, just honestly.


One comment on “Binary or just fun?

  1. Darina
    ноември 10, 2009

    Hello here from Miss Heterosexuality who manages to be more or less politically correct, but not too much. 🙂

    LOL of course it’s comically exaggerated, but there is definitely some truth in it. At least with most of the average hetero population. I can’t say about the „nothing“ box… but I think the rest is generally true and just a little exaggerated.

    Now why am I writing in English to you? 🙂


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